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Today we meet for an article of love and cheat. If you are on this page it means you are a fan of My Candy Love and you are looking for action points (AP) and free dollars. That’s good, we have exactly what you need: a generator of action points and dollars. Would you like to see how it works?

Our generator of action points and dollars hack

How does our generator work? This is what we will try to explain to you throughout this article.

The AP and Dollars Generator is a 100% LuvCheats creation. Since the appearance of the game on iOS and Android our developers have focused on a flaw found within the game and this is what allowed them to create the cheat you will use today.

Why use our cheat trick?

The AP and dollars generator offered by LuvCheats is a cheating trick that allows the player to save a lot of money. Free and unlimited use, it seduces especially by its protective equipment that allows anonymous use and avoids any risk of ban.

If we give you free access to our generator it’s because we are firmly fighting all freemium games and especially all publishers who fill their pockets with their lies. Because, if a game is designated as freemium, it is because it must be free, no?

Well, think again, dear LuvCheats visitor. My Candy Love is actually available for free to download on our platforms, but it contains paid options. And it’s far from the only game involved in the case. Take a look at our blog, there are many others!

It is precisely on these paid options that “play” publishers. By making them more than optional and downright necessary if you want to evolve even a little bit in My Candy Love!

We have been victims for long time of this type of game and it is by combining our computer skills and our passion for video games that we managed to develop a cheats like the generator of AP and dollars for My Candy Love.

The main objective of this type of hacks is to bypass the payments imposed by the freemium mode. Especially to ensure that all players can enjoy it fully, without limits and without breaking the bank account!

100% Secure hack of AP and dollars

At LuvCheats, our generators are particularly popular because they all have a security system that makes the identity of its users invisible! Exit any risk of ban.

This security system is also equipped with an anti-robot test. By manually enabling this security you allow the generator to recognize you as human and not as malware. This activation is, therefore, mandatory for your cybersecurity.

To use our cheat in the best way, we suggest you to follow the steps listed below and to follow the example video which you will find at the top of this article to activate our security system.

How to use the generator of AP and Dollars

  • Step 1 – Click on the “Go to Generator” button at the top of this page
  • Step 2 – To identify yourself, simply indicate and choose: either the username you use for My Candy Love or the identifier that connects you to your download platform.
  • Step 3 – Choose the amount of AP and then the dollars you want to inject into your My Candy Love account and click on “Start Generator”
  • Step 4 – Using the video posted at the top of this article, activate our security system and wait a few moments.
  • Step 5 – Then restart My Candy Love to enjoy your AP and dollars to live the most beautiful virtual love story you’ve ever had!

My Candy Love Review

My Candy Love is love game on mobile! Available on iOS and Android this little mobile game will melt all girls looking for a thrilling and fun adventure.

The game offers to take the place of a young high school girl looking for love.

As we have already said in the article, the game is a particularly addictive freemium. It is, therefore, very easy for game publishers to manipulate the players and make them pay APs and dollars on the store.

However, thanks to our AP and dollar generator, these resources are now available for free and you do not have to worry about the limited time of your games anymore.

You will have noticed for yourself: the use of our hack is particularly simple. You can come back when you need more AP and dollars since our cheat is for unlimited and regular use.

Have fun! See you in game 😉

The LuvCheats Team.

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