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After the huge success of our hack for Choices: Stories You Play, we come back for another hack for a somewhat similar game: Episode – Choose Your Story.

If you were not using our service before, reading this article is highly recommended especially if it is your very first use of resource generator.

The cheat we decided to publish today is a second generator adapted to our topic of the website. The generator will be able to credit your account on Episode with passes and gems in a free and unlimited way! Isn’t it pretty good?

Presentation – Trick to Generate Passes and Gems on Episode

You have noticed: impossible to advance on Episode Choose Your Story without having a little help! The game is indeed a free-to-play in which the player is required to pay for additional resources.

In Episodes, these resources are characterized by Passesand Gems that allow you to buy clothes for your character or extend your game by making decisions.

Unlike most sites hosting cheats, LuvCheats makes its generators available online. In this way, you do not need to download or increase the memory of your device.

Know that to publish the generator on our site, we must submit it to a series of tests that we perform in the first place ourselves and then in a second time by a team of cheating experts outside LuvCheats.

In particular, they must evaluate the safety rate of our generator as well as its efficiency. If the results obtained prove sufficient for the commission of experts, then we obtain the authorization of publication.

A few months ago, we had to add an additional security system to our tool. It is an anti-robot security portal that allows you to not only check the benevolence of your request but also to protect your identity within our servers.

According to the new general conditions imposed by the commission of experts, this portal must be activated by all users of LuvCheats.

Without activation on your side, none of the resources can be transferred to your Episode – Choose Your Story account. To help you in this process, I recommend that you jump to the top of this article and look very carefully at the instructions in the video.

Instructions for use – Passes & Gems Generator Hack

  • Go to the top of this page to open the generator by clicking on the red “Go to generator” button.
  • Fill in the nickname you use on Episode – Choose Your Story. Please note that you can still use the identifier linked to your download platform (App Store or Google Play) if you do not remember the nickname you use. Generally, it is an email address.
  • In the sliding bar, choose the amount of Passes and Gems you want and click on “Generate”.
  • When the loading bar is full, activate our security system by using the video we posted at the top of this article.
  • Go back quickly to your Episode – Choose Your Story app to enjoy your Passes and Gems to live your life!

Presentation – Episode – Choose Your Story

Episode is a simulation game in which you take the place of a young lady who has just changed high school for this new school year.

On an American campus, you will have to learn to integrate, make the most suitable choices according to your situation and especially to frequent the right people.

Developed and edited by Episode Interactive, the game is available on iTunes (App Store), Google Play (Android) and the Amazon App Store.

The game is unfortunately only available in English. Cannot give you a date at the moment for the update with more languages. However, see it as an excellent opportunity to improve your level in Shakespeare’s language! In addition, with the generator at your side, you have more reason not to test this game.

Aimed at girls in search of love stories, Episode – Choose Your Story is an entertaining game in which you really have the feeling of making the most important choices for the rest of the adventure.

The graphics are in my opinion more realistic than in other story games. Unlike other games, the episode scenario seems more realistic and less childish. However, this is only my humble opinion! Tell me what you think in comments ? Do not hesitate to tell me your opinion about our generator and do not hesitate to make suggestions for improvement!

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The LuvCheats Team.

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